Sunday, July 16, 2006

More U.N. Laws We Didn't Vote For.

The U.S. may have to decriminalize prostitution per U.N. Treaty

If the U.S. Senate passes the UN Convention the was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly and has been signed by 165 countries this could force the U.S. to acknowledge voluntary prostitution is a legal women’s choice as well as ... abortion. If passed the U.S. would have to accept these choices as the treaty provides.

(The way the agreement is written, global government would overrule Federal Jurisdiction, and Federal Law would overrule state and local jurisdiction. In addition to forcing us to legalize whoredom, this agreement sets up legal framework to subject us to U.N. rule of law. The Barking Globalist Moonbats want the degredation of women to be considered a "human right." What kind of craziness is that?)

[article excerpted from Concerned Women for America: Exposing The CEDAW Agreement]

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