Sunday, January 20, 2008

Politics, Southern Style

A secretive group who insists they are unaffiliated with Mike Huckabee's campaign is the source behind huge waves of mudslinging, slanderous robo-calls to voters in recent primaries, libeling McCain and Romney. While denying any connection, Huckabee's campaign insists they can't stop them.

How convenient.

There has been considerable press coverage lately linking Huckabee to dirty campaign tactics. That kind of thing will instantly sour me toward a candidate, my reason being that if they conduct themselves that way in public, I can assume they conduct themselves that way in office as well -- lies, slander, and dirty tricks.

That's not public service.

Like many voters, at the moment I am undecided about which Republican candidate I really prefer. While I don't know who I want to support just yet, I definitely know who I won't.

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Red S Tater said...

Hey Bucky.... I'm in the same boat my friend.