Thursday, January 24, 2008

Detroit Mayor Called On The Carpet.

Democrats, the so-called "party of tolerance," apparently can't tolerate people who blow the whistle on their peccadilloes.

The Detroit Police department began looking into evidence of various improprieties involving Democrat Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The investigators were immediately fired. Enter lawsuit. One-Adam-Twelve, see the runaway jury as they rule overwhelmingly in favor of the fired investigators, and hand them a multi million dollar award.

It seems there is a little bit of justice out there, after all. Catch this article here at USA Today for background info, and then watch this video about racy Blackberry messages between the Mayor and his aide. [link]

Naturally, the liberal press pays scant attention to this Democrat scandal, demoting it to back page status, while they shamelessly herald and trumpet every instance a Republican scratches the seat of his pants. I'm not surprised, of course.

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