Saturday, January 19, 2008

Moony Clooney Now An Ambassador.

In a recent article by CNN it was mentioned that the U.N. Secretary General appointed George Clooney to be an "ambassador of peace."

This development follows the usual trend, where movie stars are afforded the status of political genius if they spout enough liberal propaganda over time. Only in America can celebrity qualify a person for the complexities of international law and politics. What's next -- Natalie Maines in the White House, because she's such an expert also?

So, Mr. Clooney --
  • How do you propose to improve the industrial infrastructure of Darfur?
  • Have you led any kind of legal investigations into the rampant corruption of the Hugo Chavez administration?
  • Should the Federal Reserve system bail out mortgage institutions in the wake of the sub-prime fiasco?
  • Can you calculate the long term effects of the drain on our welfare system, should illegal immigrations trends continue unabated?
  • Have you done any campaigning or press junkets to solve the plight of Tibetan dissidents in Chinese prisons who get their innards ripped out, for sale on the international black market?
Yeah, I thought so.

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