Saturday, July 04, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

In recent news, Sarah Palin announced that she was resigning as Governor of Alaska.

I believe what drove her to it was the incessant perpetual stream of savage attacks and smears. Democrat forces in the state have hounded her non-stop with merit-less investigations and groundless charges.

The thing that really makes me angry is that here we have a woman conservative who has more brass than most of her male counterparts to stand up for genuine conservative principles, and the G.O.P. basically has just stood by, watching on the sidelines like inbred idiots, leaving her to be mauled by the wolves of the liberal establishment.

I understand, but don't condone, the need that liberals feel to go after her. She threatens them. What I can never forgive is how the G.O.P. has used her basically as a bullet-stop for McCain, and then cast her aside like an old glove when they were done with her, leaving her to deal with an entire nation full of hate minded liberals all on her own.

I will never forgive the G.O.P. leadership for not doing enough to defend her. They are the ones who chose her for the VEEP spot, then they should be the ones to stand up for her, and by extension stand up for their own judgment in choosing her.

Shame on you, G.O.P. leadership. Shame on you.

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mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Don't worry Bucky; God has a bigger plan for her, and the moonbats will be a dead aim in her target practice! She'll play a big role in 2012, when the "Emperor" Obonga shows off his new clothes, and makes the public vomit! The GOP will take back the White House like a "Kansas Tornado", sending the donkeycranks to the "Land Of Ob".