Monday, July 20, 2009

Demonrat Racist Hypocrisy.

True to form, Demonrats are shouting "racism!" over opposition to Sotomayor's nomination this week.

What is really interesting is that nobody shouted racism when the Demonrats vigorously opposed the nomimantion of Clarence Thomas years ago. Nobody shouted racism when the Demonrats blocked the appointment of Miquel Estrada to a judgeship in the appellate courts. Democrat staff memos reveal it was specifically because he was Hispanic. I found out this little tidbit as I was reading Ann Coulter today.

Ann goes on to mention how Sen. Dick Durbin's office had Capitol police remove from Senate computers incriminating memos they wrote about Estrada, and had them locked up. It turns out that the Demonrats have amnesia about the way they went after Janice Rogers Brown, an African American appointee to the U.S. circuit courts.

If the Republican Party were wise, they would pick up on this convenient amnesia in the Democrat party over their own racist attitudes about non-white conservatives. Unfortunately, the G.O.P. is too busy giving the rubber stamp to anything that the Democrat White House wants.

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rattrapper said...

Demonrats don't have a brain! All they want to do is wail over every wise thing Conservatives do. Republicans should remind the African Americans and other minorities that it was the Democrats that did all the racist atrocities against them! Who voted to not condemn the KKK for their policies: Democrats! Who took the Japanese Americans as Prisoners of War on the mainland? The Democrats? Who endorsed the Jim Crow laws? The Democrats! And now they're ticked to see that MLK was a Republican!