Sunday, July 12, 2009

So-Called "Peaceful Islam" #28

In the headlines for today, there are more bombings in Iraq, killing several people.

Read about it here, at Yahoo News.

One of the bombs killed youths playing in a billiard hall, another bomb killed the wife and child of a government official, who was also killed.

Yes, folks, that's mighty peaceful.

Here's the kicker. True to their anti-American traitorous, IslamoNazi loving form, the Associated Press spent a considerable amount of space in the article about an completely unrelated event, where an Iraqi truck driver died when he refused to obey orders to stop his approach upon a military convoy.

They mention this event and then go on to mention that convoy encroachment deaths like this were a common factor in the early part of the Iraq war, and the subject has been the source of hostility. The Associated Press and their Yahoo News socialist sympathizer lapdogs do this as "positioning" move to spin public sentiment away from Islamic bombing atrocity so they can focus instead on criticism of American forces.

They take the outrage a reader may feel against the Islamo-bombing of an innocent wife and child, and they lead the reader to direct that animosity toward American troops for problems that are completely separate from the events at hand.

One of the benefits of having sat through endless liberal communist college classes is that I learned their techniques of warping the truth. I've listened to an endless number of socialist hippie professors warn me about all the "tricks" that conservatives allegedly use to affect a person's thinking. These commie professors challenged me to "think for myself" and "question authority."

Well guess what? Almost everywhere I see examples, like this article, of liberals using those very same thought-reform techniques. You bet I question authority. I question "liberal media" authority.

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mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Here's some Marge Simpson wisdom liberals need to follow: "What kind of warped human being would find that funny?"