Friday, August 31, 2007

"...and the award for Best Drama Queen goes to..."

Last month while appearing on NBC's "Tonight Show," Micheal Moore gave an announcement carefully timed for maximum effect. He told everyone that he had been served a subpoena by the Bush administration. One day AFTER his appearance, Reuters news service reported that The Justice Department "may be planning" a subpoena for Mr. Moore.

It seems Mr. Moore can't even get his own carefully crafted media spin correct. Film-maker he may be, effective publicist he is not. He has enough money to hire media counsel, but it seems his overbloated ego gets in the way of such a move.

Maybe they should just subpoena Mr. Moore's personal chef, and charge him with illegal use of trans-fats in his cooking.

[Source: "The Left Coast Report," with James Hirsen.]

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