Thursday, August 30, 2007

Learning A Lesson From MAO

I admit -- I've been dogging Communist China without acknowledging a concept that American Republicans would do well to learn: WE MUST PURGE THE PARTY.

Idaho Senator Larry Craig recently engaged in hanky panky in a men's restroom that only supports the message I've been saying all along:

PURGE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Get rid of the pedophiles, adulterers, fornicators, con artists, and thieves!

How can I, as a loyal Republican, support a party that is filled with perverts and crooks?

Congressman Ernest Istook, from my home state, tried to expose crony corruption in the Amtrak funding program, citing "double dipping" into the treasury by other Republicans through the program, and he lost a committee chairmanship for his efforts. Istook did not seek re-election to congress, saying that the Republican Party has "lost the message."

I agree with Istook.

When the Republican Party is filled with perverts and thieves, who spend their spare time worshipping giant owls in The Bohemian Grove and intiate their sons into societies filled with Skulls and Bones, they are setting up the Republican Party for a tremendous downfall. It's only a matter of time when the Satanic perversion of the current Republican Party leadership brings about a fall from power. When that happens, the Democrats will sweep in.

The Democrats will proceed to give us bloated bureaucracy, weakened defenses, non-existent borders, taxes and more taxes, more destruction of the unborn, gay parents, suppression of Christian Churches, and subservience to global socialist government.

I expect perversion, Satanic rituals, and fraud from the Democrats. That's their raison-d'etre. I don't expect it from Republicans who should be worshipping God and keeping the family sacred.


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