Monday, August 27, 2007

So Called "Islamic Peace." #17

The Islamic government of the Sudan is persuing a violent Jihad against Christians and earth-based animist religions of rural areas in the country, especially in Darfur. Islamic troops round up female villagers, ask them what religion they are, and then gang-rape all the Christians, who then have their breasts cut out and are left to die by the road, as a warning to others. (Read the whole story in this article, HERE.]

For all those morons who believe the absolute LIE about how a "small minority" of extremists make the rest of Islam look bad, I only have to point to the Sudan and Darfur. We're talking an entire government of an entire country. That's not a small minority. Let's not forget the things done in Egypt and Algiers over the last 100 years or so by Islamic governments. That's a MAJORITY, my friends.

Never in all my Sunday School lessons did my Christian pastor teach me to do such horrific atrocities to women. Never has my pastor taught me to walk in circles around a meteorite, or bow before it. My pastor taught me to bow before no one, except The Lord Jehovah-God Almighty, and Him only should I serve. I will die sooner than confess the abomination of the name ALLAH, and if any Jihadist thinks he wants to oblige me, I warn him now that he will die, himself, if he tries.

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