Tuesday, August 28, 2007

See? I can be a bit Liberal, too.

Normally I rant about Amnesty International being a Socialist Communist front group, but here's an action they took that has me standing up to cheer.

Amnesty came out and criticized all the major I.T. companies for slavishly bowing to the demands of the Chinese Communist government to violate the privacy and free speech human rights of Chinese citizens.

Read the article, here. [link] Let me give you a sample quote:
Yahoo, however, was singled out for particular criticism in the report. Paris-based Reporters Without Borders revealed in September 2005 that information provided by Yahoo was used to convict Shi Tao, a 37-year-old journalist, of leaking "state secrets". Then, in February, the group reported that Yahoo also turned over information that led to the arrest of Li Zhi, a 35-year-old former civil servant from the south-western province of Dazhou. He was convicted and sentenced to an eight-year prison sentence in 2003.
China always carps about how "progressive" they are. If they are so progressive, then why is the big, strong, ponderous, monstrous Chinese government so desperately, cravenly, snivelingly afraid of some lone guy surfing porno on his computer at night? Why are they so afraid of a handful of college students willing to open their minds and learn about Western Democracy?

What are they so afraid of? That they might have to admit all the blood they shed and people they slaughtered for the past century have been in vain, because communism is a crackpot theory destined to fail?

How can some geek at Yahoo look at a privacy invading keylogger, send information to China that puts an innocent person into Chinese prison, and then sleep at night? How can they sleep peacefully at night?

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