Monday, August 06, 2007

Fewer Babies and More Piggies.

Socialist pundits are all aglow about Communist China's recent so-called "progress." It seems that they still need a little work in the advertising and marketing department.

The Chinese Government realized that they totally suck at making slogans. Recently they banned the use of some that weren't working. Here's some examples:
  • "Raise fewer babies but more piggies"
  • "One more baby means one more tomb"
  • "Houses toppled, cows confiscated, if abortion demand rejected"
I bet these little bright ideas really made the people love their government. Right. It goes to show what the Capitalist West has been saying all along. When Communism treats people like farm animals or cogs in a machine, mass genocide results, whether before birth or after.

Read the article at MSNBC.

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