Friday, August 31, 2007

"...and the award for Best Drama Queen goes to..."

Last month while appearing on NBC's "Tonight Show," Micheal Moore gave an announcement carefully timed for maximum effect. He told everyone that he had been served a subpoena by the Bush administration. One day AFTER his appearance, Reuters news service reported that The Justice Department "may be planning" a subpoena for Mr. Moore.

It seems Mr. Moore can't even get his own carefully crafted media spin correct. Film-maker he may be, effective publicist he is not. He has enough money to hire media counsel, but it seems his overbloated ego gets in the way of such a move.

Maybe they should just subpoena Mr. Moore's personal chef, and charge him with illegal use of trans-fats in his cooking.

[Source: "The Left Coast Report," with James Hirsen.]

A Lack of Manners.

Being a conservative Blogger, it is only natural that I receive megabytes of hate-email from Liberals. I find it rather funny, actually. You won't find me even bothering to waste time emailing Liberals about their blogs, much less waste my words threatening them.

More than once, my lovely un-fans have told me that I should "drop dead." It seems I have forgotten my manners. I would not presume to step before anyone in their travels -- by all means, friends, after you.

Moonie Clooney Strikes Again

In an upcoming film release George Clooney, media-Communist-heir-apparent to the 1950's "Hollywood 10" plays a character that points fingers at all the corporate corruption of recent years. In publicity for the movie and the character, Mr. Clooney waxes philosophic about the immorality of corporate people. He chooses his words carefully, desperately trying to sound poetic and profound.

Now, here's the zinger. I'll just quote the article at Yahoo News [link] to give you the full flavor of Mr. Clooney's "moon-battishness."

Clooney was visibly irritated when asked if his endorsement of products for big companies clashed in any way with his performance in a film about corporate greed and corruption.

"I'm not going to apologize to you for trying to make a living once in a while," he said. "I don't really have an answer for you on that. It's sort of an irritating question."

After switching off his microphone, he continued to mutter angrily, although it was inaudible to the audience.

Ah, George. You may have a point with your movie message, but when dealing with your own hypocrisy, you're going to have to do better than that.

It's a textbook case of the Liberal tactic of resorting to emotion and name-calling when facts get in the way. Of course I myself do plenty of name calling as well -- but I do it "in addition" to the facts, rather than "instead of" the facts, like Liberals.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Learning A Lesson From MAO

I admit -- I've been dogging Communist China without acknowledging a concept that American Republicans would do well to learn: WE MUST PURGE THE PARTY.

Idaho Senator Larry Craig recently engaged in hanky panky in a men's restroom that only supports the message I've been saying all along:

PURGE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Get rid of the pedophiles, adulterers, fornicators, con artists, and thieves!

How can I, as a loyal Republican, support a party that is filled with perverts and crooks?

Congressman Ernest Istook, from my home state, tried to expose crony corruption in the Amtrak funding program, citing "double dipping" into the treasury by other Republicans through the program, and he lost a committee chairmanship for his efforts. Istook did not seek re-election to congress, saying that the Republican Party has "lost the message."

I agree with Istook.

When the Republican Party is filled with perverts and thieves, who spend their spare time worshipping giant owls in The Bohemian Grove and intiate their sons into societies filled with Skulls and Bones, they are setting up the Republican Party for a tremendous downfall. It's only a matter of time when the Satanic perversion of the current Republican Party leadership brings about a fall from power. When that happens, the Democrats will sweep in.

The Democrats will proceed to give us bloated bureaucracy, weakened defenses, non-existent borders, taxes and more taxes, more destruction of the unborn, gay parents, suppression of Christian Churches, and subservience to global socialist government.

I expect perversion, Satanic rituals, and fraud from the Democrats. That's their raison-d'etre. I don't expect it from Republicans who should be worshipping God and keeping the family sacred.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

See? I can be a bit Liberal, too.

Normally I rant about Amnesty International being a Socialist Communist front group, but here's an action they took that has me standing up to cheer.

Amnesty came out and criticized all the major I.T. companies for slavishly bowing to the demands of the Chinese Communist government to violate the privacy and free speech human rights of Chinese citizens.

Read the article, here. [link] Let me give you a sample quote:
Yahoo, however, was singled out for particular criticism in the report. Paris-based Reporters Without Borders revealed in September 2005 that information provided by Yahoo was used to convict Shi Tao, a 37-year-old journalist, of leaking "state secrets". Then, in February, the group reported that Yahoo also turned over information that led to the arrest of Li Zhi, a 35-year-old former civil servant from the south-western province of Dazhou. He was convicted and sentenced to an eight-year prison sentence in 2003.
China always carps about how "progressive" they are. If they are so progressive, then why is the big, strong, ponderous, monstrous Chinese government so desperately, cravenly, snivelingly afraid of some lone guy surfing porno on his computer at night? Why are they so afraid of a handful of college students willing to open their minds and learn about Western Democracy?

What are they so afraid of? That they might have to admit all the blood they shed and people they slaughtered for the past century have been in vain, because communism is a crackpot theory destined to fail?

How can some geek at Yahoo look at a privacy invading keylogger, send information to China that puts an innocent person into Chinese prison, and then sleep at night? How can they sleep peacefully at night?

Monday, August 27, 2007

We're Coming For You, Mustafa.

If Islam is a religion of peace, then
here's how we "keep the peace"
in The AmericanWest.


This Website is Dedicated
To the Holy Order of
"Saint John, The Peacemaker"

So Called "Islamic Peace." #17

The Islamic government of the Sudan is persuing a violent Jihad against Christians and earth-based animist religions of rural areas in the country, especially in Darfur. Islamic troops round up female villagers, ask them what religion they are, and then gang-rape all the Christians, who then have their breasts cut out and are left to die by the road, as a warning to others. (Read the whole story in this article, HERE.]

For all those morons who believe the absolute LIE about how a "small minority" of extremists make the rest of Islam look bad, I only have to point to the Sudan and Darfur. We're talking an entire government of an entire country. That's not a small minority. Let's not forget the things done in Egypt and Algiers over the last 100 years or so by Islamic governments. That's a MAJORITY, my friends.

Never in all my Sunday School lessons did my Christian pastor teach me to do such horrific atrocities to women. Never has my pastor taught me to walk in circles around a meteorite, or bow before it. My pastor taught me to bow before no one, except The Lord Jehovah-God Almighty, and Him only should I serve. I will die sooner than confess the abomination of the name ALLAH, and if any Jihadist thinks he wants to oblige me, I warn him now that he will die, himself, if he tries.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Presidential Rap.

Okay, it's been a light week, I confess. Check out this Flash Video of U.S. Presidents doing the Star Spangled Banner.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chinese "Progress" Hampers Olympics Bid.

Always eager to show the world how "progressive" they are, China is lobbying hard to get the nod to host the Olympics in Beijing. Tienanmen Square is still a sore subject with the C.C.P., though. It's considered "bad form" to bring it up.

When you add corporate corruption, tainted food exports, toxic toys, and poor quality manufacturing to the pot of soup, it doesn't make an appetizing dish for the I.O.C. when they consider China's bid.

It surprises me how such an "enlightened, prosperous, and democratic" system as Communism could be capable of such things. Hey, I know -- it must be that Vast Right Wing Conspiracy over in America. It's their fault, you know, for Communism's colossal failure. Sabotage by Reaganites! Yeah -- that's it! It just has to be.....

Read more details in the article at the U.K. Times Online.

As an interesting side note, China is now falling back on their old stand-by tactic of pointing fingers at everyone else for wrong things of their own they can't adequately excuse. For instance, when the U.S. raises concerns over China's near genocidal use of execution in its prison system, they point back at our own executions. There's one big difference, however. America executes murderers and rapists; China executes journalists, philosophers, and day laborers who possess quality organs that can be sold on the black market. Yep, I'd say that's a BIG difference.

So naturally, Chinese diplomatic officials are shrieking and whining that product quality is an international concern, not just a problem with China. They want everyone to overlook the fact that their quality failures are on a scale so massive, it dwarfs the GDP of dozens of other nations combined. I'm only hoping that one of these days China will get a clue, wake up and smell the coffee, and get rid of Communism completely, without a single shred remaining. Only then can they be free to take their place on the world stage.

Little Miss FireTruck And Global Warming.

Lindsay Lohan recently told Elle Magazine that she "feels like an a** h*** " because of her extreme antics of late. She said there are more important things for the media to focus upon than herself, like "global warming, and stuff." (read the article at Hollywood Dotcom.)

I suspect that even more important than "global warming and stuff," the media should focus on say... maybe the fact our society can't teach young people citizenship, integrity, and ethics? (...and stuff...)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Al Qaida Loves Mexicans.

In a recent article by Newsday, information came to light that Islamic terrorists are teaming up with Mexican drug cartels to help finance their terror. In many cases they are posing as Mexican Nationals so they can get across the border, even going so far as to marry into cartel families.

I'm sure most EDUCATED people have heard the term "barbarians at the gates." It refers to a time during the downfall of Rome when outside invaders gathered at the borders, forming coalitions amongst their factions, and invaded Rome en masse, thoroughly succeeding in sacking it.

I believe this is what America is headed for. Barbarians gathered at our gates are going to overrun the country and completely destroy us. It is a foregone conclusion, only a matter of time.

Oklahoma Soldier Killed By Bomb

Another one of the boys from my home state lost his life to a road-side bomb in Iraq Sunday.

See the article HERE. [link]

You can rest assured that never in my life did my Sunday School teacher or Pastor tell me that I should do things like this to unsuspecting people. What kind of Middle-East, pagan, moon-rock worshipping God is it that requires such heinousness?

No one will ever convince me these are peaceful people. Ever.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MSNBC Confirms Their Liberal Bias.

Recent statistics on campaign donations by journalists tell the whole story. The numbers don't lie.

See the article at ACCURACY IN MEDIA. [link]

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

Fewer Babies and More Piggies.

Socialist pundits are all aglow about Communist China's recent so-called "progress." It seems that they still need a little work in the advertising and marketing department.

The Chinese Government realized that they totally suck at making slogans. Recently they banned the use of some that weren't working. Here's some examples:
  • "Raise fewer babies but more piggies"
  • "One more baby means one more tomb"
  • "Houses toppled, cows confiscated, if abortion demand rejected"
I bet these little bright ideas really made the people love their government. Right. It goes to show what the Capitalist West has been saying all along. When Communism treats people like farm animals or cogs in a machine, mass genocide results, whether before birth or after.

Read the article at MSNBC.