Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fink Your Buddy, Get Some Money.

A characteristic of inner-city street culture is that you are never to snitch, regardless of the crime, because you don't want to help "The Man" any more than you have to.

Nowadays, Homies are discovering they can get some "bling-bling" with all the "Ka-Ching" they get for ratting out their buddies, neighbors, and family members. Community police forces are seeing a sharp rise in Crime-Stopper informants, hoping to collect money for tip-offs, and many of them actually do just that. If an especially serious crime is solved or if a firearm is recovered, there is an extra amount of money tacked on, in some communities.

Read the article at The New York Pravda. [link]

Even the best of "brothas" has to pay his bills sometimes, and every little bit helps.

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