Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oops. Here's Your Kids Back.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled today that Child Protective Services failed to meet the burden of proof necessary to take the actions they did in seizing 400 children from the FLDS compound. The Court ruled that CPS overstepped their bounds and acted outside of their authority.

See the article here at MSNBC. [link]

CPS has argued that the children needed to be removed from the "poisoned" culture of the church. Here's what I don't get: Texas has many neighborhoods filled with gangs, drugs, and teen-age pregnancy. How many large bus loads of kids has the CPS taken out of those places? NADA. From this point it becomes obvious that the State of Texas specifically picked out the FLDS for harassment.

As I've mentioned before, while I don't agree with the practices of the FLDS group, I have much stronger disagreement with the way the State of Texas took the children. If left unquestioned, that act would have set a very, very, dangerous precedent. What would stop the Government from taking my OWN kids if I practiced an unpopular religion? In the state of Texas, absolutely nothing.

As for individual violations of law that only a handful of FLDS members might have committed, such things should have the same consideration as any other criminal proceeding: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

If the government has no proof, then they have no business taking people into custody. Period. End of sentence.

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