Monday, May 12, 2008

"We're Not In. At The Tone, Please Leave A Message."

Today's post involves something you might find interesting. Let me quote to you a post made on "You Tube" by the brother of an American soldier. Here is his story:

My brother is an MP over in Afghanistan. He was on post on April 21st. He decided to give us a call, just to let us know how he was doing. Nobody was home so he got the answering machine, and hung up. Just then, they started getting shot at. Somehow, his phone re-dialed, and we got this on our answering machine. He is okay.

The video pane below will play the soundclip that the family found on their answering machine from their son's phone during the fire-fight. My prayers go out to all our servicepeople, may Adonai-Jehova-God bless them and keep them.

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