Friday, May 16, 2008

New Environmental Threat!

In an earlier post, I discussed the evils of Dihydrous Monoxide, or DHMO.
  • Thousands die each year after deeply inhaling Dihydrous Monoxide
  • DHMO can be found in household plumbing, especially around tubs and sinks.
  • DHMO in gas form can cause severe burns.
  • DHMO can be found in major lakes and streams.
  • Heavy amounts of DHMO have been found in the plumbing of schools that had recent shootings.
  • Athletes often use DHMO on the sidelines to enhance performance. Sports managers often slip it into the water coolers.
  • Agriculture is especially hard hit. Read this article about the prevalence of DHMO in the dairy industry [ ]
  • Nearly all suicide cases showed heavy amounts of DHMO in the bloodstream prior to death.
  • Chemists refer to DHMO as the "universal solvent."
  • All educated scientists agree -- there is an over-abundance of DHMO in our planet's oceans.
  • DHMO has been involved in the greenhouse effect.
Act now! Get the facts! Go to these websites for more information:
This just in: a faithful reader informed me that the Chinese have used DiHydrous Monoxide in its natural state as a torture tool for many centuries.

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