Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Communist News Network (CNN)

I was watching Radio Baghdad (CNN) yesterday, and even though they didn't fully come out and admit their bias, they spent plenty of airtime mentioning the old "Arabic Violence Excuse."

Arabs insist "we don't like American policies in the Mideast region, therefore we support terrorism." CNN, and The Three Sisters as well (ABC, CBS, NBC) just love pumping that propaganda over and over.

Let me say something here -- because I don't like Arabic policies in the Mideast region, does that give me excuse to murder Arabs? Because I protest the Arabs who sympathize with the 911 grinding of 3000 innocent people into hamburger, I have the right to fly an airplane into the Kaaba Stone in Mecca? Because I disagree with communist college professors who say the 911 victims are NOT innocent, I have the right to slit the throats of those professors and dump them in the streets?

What sort of nonsense is that?

If it makes perfect sense for Arabs to murder Westerners over politics, then maybe it makes perfect sense for me to murder Arabic people just because I don't like their politics, either. Maybe we need an American Jihad against Muslims -- maybe we should bring back the Knights Templar and have The Crusades all over again, just like the Arabs are always accusing us of doing anyway.

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