Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Statistics!

Referring to a previous post:
  • 86.39% of all modern buildings have Dihydrous Monoxide in their plumbing!
  • heavy inhalation of DHMO into the lungs can cause death!
  • prolonged exposure of DHMO on the skin causes it to wrinkle!
  • DHMO can even be found in underground aquifiers!
  • Public swimming pools have heavy amounts of DHMO mixed in with Chlorine!
  • DHMO can dissolve hardened food right off of dishes.
  • Auto battery makers use DHMO in the power cells.
  • DHMO vapor in the air at frat parties causes t-shirts on coeds to become see-through!
Whatever shall we do? eee gad! call Earth Liberation Front! call Green Peace! call Ralph Nader!

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