Monday, February 11, 2008

Democrat In Republican Clothing

The conservative blog-o-sphere is all abuzz of late, about how many, MANY conservatives are VERY unhappy that McCain is now the heir apparent to the G.O.P. nomination throne. All the conservative pundits and talk show hosts are opening up full throttle and giving voice to the displeasure. The beef many conservatives have with McCain is his voting record as a Senator over the last decade or so, which is colored a shade of PINK that is too close to The Left for many people's comfort.

Read about all the hubbub in this article at Newsweek. [link]

To appease the feelings of betrayal, the McCain organization is trying to reach out to stalwart G.O.P. conservatives. The outreach does have its limits, as anonymous staffers have indicated they really have no concern about whether the stalwarts are happy or not. In this blogger's opinion they had better be careful, because constituents have been known to revolt and cross party lines, just to spite a candidate who spurns them or take them for granted.

Ann Coulter indicated that she just may do so. She quipped recently that she would rather campaign for Hillary than McCain, and when Newsweek asked just how serious she was about the ultimatum, she remained coy.

Bill Clinton won twice because many voters were turned off by visibly weak, mamby pamby moderates the G.O.P. insisted on fronting. It seems to this blogger that in the next election, a Clinton just may win again for the exact same reason.

This article at "Stop The A.C.L.U." [link] details more of McCain's Communist Pink leanings and actions in The Senate.

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