Saturday, February 09, 2008

Remember, Only Liberals Are Allowed Free Speech.

Here in America, it's perfectly alright for the Communist group "Move On Dotorg" to call General Patreus a liar and a traitor, but if a news commentator makes a remark about Chelsea Clinton, he gets suspended and their is hell to pay.

Read about it in this article at The Washington Post. [link]

The commentator was only expressing concern over the Clinton's heavy use of Chelsea's support for their campaign, and he asked rhetorically whether or not she was being "pimped out." Although the choice of words may not have been the best, I still believe in essence that the question is still a valid one. Are the Clintons over-using Chelsea, in the same way an organ grinder uses a trained animal to draw crowds at a circus?

By asking such a question, the commentator and I are actually trying to express CONCERN for Chelsea and her interests. All of that is lost on her parents, who care more about stifling conservative speech while they holler about free liberal speech.

If liberals can call Gen. Patreus a traitor and a liar and get away with it, then conservatives should be allowed to question the Clintons about their craven over-use of other people. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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