Sunday, February 17, 2008

Four Out Of Five Liberals Use Biased Numbers.

Evangelicals are leaving the G.O.P. in droves, so says a recent "poll" by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a “progressive” think tank. Examine the poll closely and you'll see logical fallacies and research flim-flammery.

Nowhere in the surveys did they ask Democrats themselves after leaving the polls what their religion was, and the results trumpet that "evengelicals vote Democrat" when it's well known that a small minority of Christians already have done that for years anyway. HARDLY what I call any "proof" that evangelicals are making a mass exodus of any kind.

What they want to accomplish with such jerry-mandered numbers is anybody's guess, though I assume they think that other evangelicals will leave the G.O.P. if they see them. Christians should feel insulted that liberals don't give them credit enough to ignore phony liberal surveys.

Read the article here at Real Clear Politics. [link]

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