Sunday, February 24, 2008

Too Close For Comfort.

The Liberal Media is all abuzz of late about unfounded rumors involving McCain and a perky blonde lobbyist who always seemed to be close by him at all times in the past.

Of course, the Liberals have little to say about a rumored lesbian connection between Hillary and Huma Abedin, her campaign aide d'campe.

It has also come out that Obama rubs shoulders and hobnobs with members of the American Communist Party and the International Socialist movement. If Liberals want to play the "guilt by association game" with McCain, then we should be asking Obama about his close ties to people who desire the overthrow of our government.

It's all friendship, he insists, and that he hasn't been influenced by hardcore Marxism. If you believe that, I've got a piece of swampland in Florida I want to sell you. As the old saying goes, "if you lay with dogs, you'll get fleas."

Read about here at Accuracy In Media. [link]

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