Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm Offended That They Took Offense.

Muslims are going ape-shit over the presence of a drawing at WIKIPEDIA that fully depicts the Prophet Muhammed. (The image at right is from an ancient text written by a Persian Muslim.)

"The image is an offense to our sensibilities," states an online petition by Muslims to have the picture removed.

Excuse me? Offends their sensibilities? What about images of planes crashing into buildings that fall and grind thousands of people into hamburger? Those images offend MY sensibilities!

Usually Wikipedia is a spewing fountain of liberal crap, but for once they did the right thing, and refused to remove the images. I refer you to a brief article over at "Little Green Footballs." [link] Of course, in all the hub-bub, nobody mentions all of the Islamic websites out there by the thousands that spew out all sorts of blasphemy and disrespect about Christianity. Liberal Islamo-lovers always ignore those.

For the sake of historical enlightenment, let me refer you to a website that discusses the use of Muhammedan images [link] throughout history. Many of the images on the site come from Islamic texts, themselves. I'll be the first to admit that Christianity has more than its share of hypocrisy, but for Chrissakes, this Islamic Pharisee-ism takes the cake.

Let me suggest a hostage deal: We'll remove all images of Muhammed's head, if Terrorists agree to stop removing heads.

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