Friday, February 01, 2008

So-Called Islamic "Peace" #20

In all the years I went to church and to Sunday School, never once did I hear my pastor tell me to brainwash women and teens into committing suicide bomb attacks against innocent people in crowded market places, just like insurgents are now doing in Iraq. Yet liberals across America call Christianity a "hate" religion, and hailing Islam as a "peaceful" religion.

Because Coalition forces have so few women assigned to work the security units, Islamic-Iraqi insurgents have been using women and teens to run suicide bombing missions. Read it here in the article at Yahoo! News. [link] I fail to understand how anyone can call that a religion of peace.

Of course, people from the Leftist Defeatocrat Traitor Lobby holler that these people are defending their country from our invasion. My answer is that our invasion was to defend American from their terrorism. I really don't care whether W.M.D. were found or not. I support our troops because the Islamic world needs to know that after 9-11, American will do what America needs to do, in defending our interests and the safety of our people.

Regardless of what Liberal Traitors want to call our presence in Iraq, there's one thing I can assure you -- we won't be sending mentally handicapped women into a market with explosives strapped to their chests, rigged to go off by remote control. That's what the insurgents did this week. My pastor never taught me such cowardice.

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